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Neighborhoods Surrounding Savannah

When people think of Savannah, they generally think of the historic district and its tree lined streets, but the area has more neighborhoods than just the city of Savannah proper. West Savannah Neighborhoods, which include Pooler, Port Wentworth and Garden City are among the fastest growing areas in the nation. Building is focused on Pooler homes — especially the areas of Godley Station and also South/Southwest into Berwick. There are a dozen other large neighborhoods such as Southbridge and Savannah Quarters, which are attractive golf communities. West Chatham real estate communities offer easy access to Interstate Highways 95 and 16, as well as to the Hilton Head International Airport, which makes the area a popular choice for commuters.

Pooler, Rincon, Port Wentworth — and extending west out of Chatham County into Guyton, Bloomingdale, Springfield, and even Statesboro — are now home to tens of thousands of families whose bread earners work at some of the nearby manufacturing and distribution facilities. As such, demand for housing west of Savannah has spurred a plethora of new housing developments in those areas. Due to the increased industrial growth of Effingham County, many homebuyers in West Chatham are finding themselves with plenty of viable options, such as larger homes, on larger plots of land for lower prices. And with such a surge of growth, residents are finding themselves with good schools, and more variety of quality commercial establishments throughout the various West Savannah neighborhoods.

Combine the job opportunities and housing choices, along with the proximity to the regional airport and the intersection of major interstates I-95 and I-16, and you have a very compelling argument to live in one of the West Savannah neighborhoods.

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